Sunday, January 10, 2016

The American Melting Pot

Just Because...

... we are all "American" doesn't mean jack shit. We are ALL from somewhere in the world, and being an "American" does not change my heritage. The original "Americans" are the Indians, literally. God created the Indians there.

So my culture and my ways are different--inherent to who I am. I am natively Scottish and Indonesian, and I've got the Scottish accent, no matter how hard the "American" culture wants to make everyone the same to wipe out any deviation. Fuck the School of Frankfort. Also, I look Indonesian to a degree. People are going to have their accents, their rivalries, and there ways of doing things. It's in my blood. You can't take that away from me.

We are all from different heritage, which frankly makes life in the states difficult, because I am dealing with people from all over the world that are pressuring me to conform to the "American" way, and frankly, I'm not buying it.

Just Because...

... I walk like the rest of us doesn't mean I talk like the rest of us. It doesn't mean I think like the rest of you. This goes beyond culture, and into the soul. I have a different past than you that makes it so that we can't relate--relating is not the name of the game, not even when we were children. "Relating" is something the School of Frankfort made up to screw with people's minds and make all of us robots that function like machines, instead of real people.

I don't run like a computer--I don't have internal RAM, or a CPU. I have a brain, a heart, some feelings mixed in -- a soul that is way more complicated than any computer. I can create computers, but they can't create me.

Just Because...

... I laugh doesn't mean it was funny. Get that through your head--laughter doesn't not imply "funny." Like David DeAngelo said, "Tension, then release," and laughter is the release most of the time, and not because it was funny, and trust me, there's a lot of release going on these days, because you just ain't funny.

Just Because...

... your skin is dark doesn't mean you're violent. Stop conforming to the preset ways the School of Frankfort designed in carefully studied lab tests to justify stereotyping people into categories. If you follow that stereotyping, you are giving away your personal self to a machine-oriented-culture.

And you shouldn't laugh at people being personable and human, who has style, intricacies, and a certain fate because then: you become the worst of them, the oppressors, and the machine culture that's designed and tested and tried, that always responds to stimulae x number of ways every time.

Because then you let them, the School of Frankfort, win.