Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why the Future Lies in the Woman

Why She is so Special, so Dangerous

The barrier before the door is in the woman psyche. Men have been let free, but women are stuck behind closed doors. The men are enjoying the sex for the time being, but the women are just there for the ride, and it's there, like a splinter in their mind. Remember Neo? Something is bothering the collective woman, and it's, "What if I got into sex as much as the man I'm with? It sounds so dangerous, because I am built to be a sensitive creature, and fuck it if I can even pleasure myself alone because virtual sex sucks," (we all know what I mean by virtual sex--it's fantasizing while trying to get off by yourself -- no one sane masturbates because that's retarded for a million reasons), "and it's not like I can get off alone anyway, and ironically, neither can men. So we need each other in this colorful game."

It's time for the women to step out and feel it, and then through them, revolutionize the world. It's there, just waiting to be plucked off the tree. Just taste it.

Look, if you believe Satan exists, then you're an American masochist, because literally no other country literally believes Satan exists -- yeah, not even the pope, which is why the Catholics are freaking out over him going rogue. It's funny, really...

But this is touching on the elements of Christen.

All I can further say is this: be guarded and safe, but just know, we're going in.

I am using sexual innuendos on purpose to break down the taboo -- honestly, the taboo needs to go first.

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