Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sex is the Door to a New Reality

We are on the Brink of a New Advancement

What is this new advancement you might be wondering? The key, quite literally, lies in the woman. The women of the world hold all the power, and to iterate, and experience God in a new way, we need to continue the work of David DeAngelo, David Deida, Amber Lupton, Annie Lalla, and those who have helped them on their journeys.

Man, as a whole and not gender exclusive, needs to understand something vital called Christen, but in order to do so, we need a good conversion, and that is through the great avenue: sex. Unbridled, unhindered, and beautiful sex. I mean it -- in sex lies the key to a new future.

Are you ready to join me? I don't mean sexually, unless... you want... I mean in a new way of looking at the world. Beyond the gate, the lighted chamber, the sea of cacophonies, lies Christen. And that will blow your mind, and revolutionize the world. All war will cease, art and beauty will skyrocket into the stratosphere, and those who deserve to pay for their crimes will do so.

Welcome to the new real.

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