Thursday, December 31, 2015

Music is Essential to a Successful Life

I'm Going to Give Away some of My Biggest Secrets

First off, what type of music do I mean? This is where my secrets in this area of expertise is laid bare. Prepare for some sick beats, because you can't get much better than what I am about to share with you.

The four composers I am going to name are: Arjen Lucassen, Devin Townsend, Square a Saw, and finally, me. This isn't flattery on my behalf--I only include myself because I have been working with making music for over eight years, and it takes eight years to gain mastery over a field of technical nature. Such as is, take my education under the category of women, relationships, and dating -- I have also spent a little over eight years working on that.

Arjen Lucassen's music is pretty wild. I recommend the album, "Lost in the New Real" first, because that will give you a clear idea of all the genres he covers in all his other lucid albums.

Next, Devin Townsend's music is often a wall of chords and harmonies, and his guitar and singing accompaniment is superlative. His albums really go into the mind of your soul, and help you explore the outer, less-visited, reaches of your life.

Now, everyone should be into house, electro-house, electro, and glitch-hop, seriously. Square a Saw really takes the cake when it comes to developing this music. It's got themes, you can dance to it, and the mastering is pretty impressive. Grab a pair of nice headphones, and listen your heart out.

Finally, me. I will spare you the stories for a few reasons, because it's really woo-woo, but I am developing a music project that verges on the realm of bizarre. Each song in the Takeryl project is meant to portray something that exists out there in the world.

That's all. This is where I get a lot of my energy from. So feel lucky.

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